When to Book a Trial?

You finally found your perfect stylist for your wedding day. But now you are wondering when should you book your trial?

We recommend doing your trial 3-4 month before your wedding day but to BOOK your trial right away!

The reason for this is that you never know if your stylist will have available days (especially in the middle of the wedding season) that would work with your schedule.

If you’re not sure about booking the stylist before the trial – schedule a trial before signing a contract. Since we can’t hold dates for long, If you decide to book a trial first I would recommend booking it in that month when you inquired the company, since we can’t hold dates for long.

Trials are always optional but I would definitely suggest to have one, since it’s more calming for you and for the stylist as well. On the trial you can confirm if the hairstyle and makeup will work with your vision and can add changes if needed.

Also, try to schedule your trial on a weekday. Since we are bridal stylists, that means that we are usually busy working a wedding on the weekends, so it would be much easier for us to find a day during the week

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