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Your hair and makeup trial is an important part of the wedding preparation process.  A trial will help you see your vision come to life before your big day. Having a trial can also help you decide on the right look for you. We do have brides that are not sure what look will be the right look for them. Here are some tips how to prepare for your trial day.

Bring Inspirational images to the trial

Spend some time on Pinterest or Instagram to help you find that inspiration image. Try to find images with brides whose hair color and length, face shape, and eye color are similar to yours. Then, at your trial, we will figure out what would be the best look that will be that perfect match to your hair texture, skin type, and face shape.

Take Care of Your Skin

Great makeup begins with great skin! We recommend exfoliating and moisturizing regularly this will help with the texture of your skin. In addition, Get a Facial prior to your trial and your wedding day.

Take Care of Your Hair

Treating your hair and scalp with regular deep conditioning and clarifying is always a good idea. A haircut is also a great idea, even if it’s just a trim to remove the dead ends. If your hair is prone to frizz, we recommend booking a frizz-eliminating treatment prior to your trial or your wedding day!

Wear a White Top

Select a white top with a similar neckline to your wedding dress. This will help you to envision your wedding day look once your hair and makeup are done. Avoid wearing loungewear

Don’t Listen to Others’ Opinions

Everyone will always have their own opinion on the hair and makeup, since we all have different likes and dislikes. This is YOUR Day!! That’s why we believe it’s best not to bring a guest to your trial. This will also help the artists to have a one-on-one with you to have a better and more clear picture of what your vision is.

Be Honest with your artists

Your artist will want your opinion after your hair and makeup is done. If there’s something you don’t like, tell them! You won’t hurt their feelings. Everything beauty-related is a matter of opinion and can easily be changed so that you feel as confident as possible. Our Goal is to make You Happy!


Also just have fun and enjoy it! Ask questions and also let your artist know if you don’t like something and want to change it. We definitely want you to LOVE your end result
Follow these simple steps and we will achieve your perfect wedding look

Don’t Book Your Trial Around an Important Event

Like an engagement shoot, bridal shower, or other event in the wedding timeline. Not a good idea! Your timeline can be very tight since you have to be somewhere else, you might feel rushed at your trial. You will also be wearing the ‘wedding look’ at your event now everyone sees the wedding look, it won’t be a surprise on your wedding day. A better option will be go out to dinner or a dress fitting after your trial instead!

It’s Okay to Have More Than One Trial


A trial is meant for you to “try” out a look! It’s ok if you don’t love the first one you tried, how many wedding dresses have you tried on?  We have brides that also decide to change their look on their wedding day.

Lashes and Lips Will Make a Statement

Lip color is sometimes the hardest to choose. So, if you’ve already got a color you love, bring it to your trial! We’ll try it out with the rest of your look and see what works.

Always get the lashes!! Even if you go with a pair that is more natural-looking, they’ll complete your look.

Extensions Will Be Your Best Friend


If you have trouble holding a curl, or just need more volume or length for the look you want, hair extensions are the way to go. We’ll help you figure out if hair extensions will get you the look you’re going for.

We hope that these tips help you feel confident going into your hair and makeup trial!


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