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5 Things To Avoid When Your Hair & Makeup Is Done

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1.  Steaming your dresses will make you sweat and can ruin your hair and makeup. Also for those who have naturally frizzy hair – it’s a big no-no. Please steam your dresses before your services or the day before.

2. Touching or running your finger through the hair. Your fingers have natural oils on them which can rub off onto your hair, resulting in too much slip which may cause your hair to fall sooner than it should.

3.  Spraying that extra layer of hairspray is not going to make your hair holding the hairstyle longer, as you would think. It’s only will give you that crunchy extra top layer look that you don’t like. We have a range of products in our case for a reason, and we use them step by step creating a longer lasting result all the way from the beginning of the hairstyle.

4. Rubbing your makeup, instead – try patting

5. Doing yoga, going for a swim, taking a nap or taking photos outside when it’s raining/very windy and probably a lot more other similar things… Pretty self-explanatory, but you are not going to believe this – that was my real life experience.


Certified Clinical Master Herbalist (C.C.M.H)
Certified Aromatherapist (C.A.)
Naturopath (N.D.)
Certified Auriculotherapist
Nutritional Therapist (N.T.P.)
Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.)
Licensed Cosmetologist

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I am the owner of Beauty from Inside & Out. I have over 27 years in the beauty industry and 20 years in the holistic nutrition field.

I furthered my education beyond the beauty industry over 20 years ago and fell in love with natural remedies  such as herbal, aromatherapy, and the nutrition field.

I furthered my education by receiving my certifications as a Clinical Herbalist and Aromatherapist and also received my degrees as a Naturopath, Certified Nutritionist and Nutritional therapist.  This is where my journey started.

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